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The Queens of Westeros is a fan made series on Fan Fiction net. It is created by MadrigalPrincess

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The first installment, The Red Queen follows the life of Emmalise Tatum, who marries the Wolf King; Robb Stark during the civil war of Westeros. The second installment, the The Golden Queen follows the life of Alessandra Dayne, Emmalise's cousin who marrries Aegon VI Targaryen and starts a war between House Tatum and House Dayne. The last installment, The Silver Queen follows the life of Alessandra's daughter, Alysanne Targaryen who becomes Queen in place of her brothers, she goes on to marry her uncle, Jon Snow who would become known as Jon I Targaryen.

The Grey Queen is a short story that tells the tale of Lyanna Stark, the only daughter of Robb Stark and Emmalise Tatum. She goes on to marry Aeolous I Targaryen to create a alliance between House Targaryen and House Stark.

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